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Specialty Rolls

                      Sauce: [U]unagi, [S]spicy mayo,[L]lemon miso dressing,[HS] house spicy,[P]Ponzu

For Tuna Lovers

•Mars Roll (Shrimp tempura, crab topped with tuna, avocado) [U]   $11.99

•Playboy (Shrimp tempura, crab, avocado  topped with tuna, tobiko, gr.onion) [U][S]   $12.99

•Montauk (Asparagus tempura, yellowtail topped with tuna) [U]   $11.99

•Double Spicy Tuna (Sp.tuna, jalapeño topped with tuna, avocado) [U][HS]   $12.99

•Spanish (Sp. crab topped with tuna, tomato, wasabi tobiko and jalapeño) [S]   $12.99

•Tiger Roll (Shrimp.tempura, crab, avo topped with Sp. tuna) [U][S]   $11.99

•Spicy Tuna (Sp.Tuna+Cucumbe +lettuce)   $5.99

•Crazy Spicy Tuna (Tuna+Cucumber +lettuce+cilantro+fried jalapeño) [U][HS]   $9.99

•Cancun (Sp.Tuna+cilantro+Cucumber+ jalapeño) [HS]   $8.99

•Cherry Blossom (Sp.tuna,Cucomber in/Tuna,Redsnapper, tobiko on top )   $13.99


For Salmon Lovers

•Venus  (Sh.Tempura, crab topped with Salmon, Avocado) [U]   $11.99

•Hollywood (Cali toped w salmon, lemon, blk. Tobiko-,miso lemon dressing) [L]   $10.99

•Philadelphia* (Asparagus, cream chz, avo. topped with smoked salmon)   $8.99

•Salmom skin* (Broiled salmon skin, gobo and cucumber) [U]   $6.99

•Viva (Sh.Tempura, crab, Avo topped with Salmon, tobiko, gr.onion) [U][S]   $12.99

•Orange Blossom (smoked Salmom,Cucomber in/Salmon,Redsnapper,tobiko on top)   $13.99

Lindsay (Baked roll – shrimp tempura, avocado crab inside, salmon on top) [U][S]   $12.99

•Tornado (shrimp temp, avocado, cream chz. inside, salmon, jalapeño on top) [U][S]   $12.99


Tempura roll (Deep fried)

Vortex Roll  (Spicy tuna,cream cheese) [U][HS]   $9.99

•Salmon Crunch*(riceless-spicy crab, avocado, cucumber wrapped in salmon[U][S]   $10.99

•OO7 Roll (Albacore, salmon, crab, avodado) [U]   $9.99

•Las Vegas (salmon ,crab, cream cheese, avocado) [U][S]   $10.99

•Mexican Crunch* (Spicy crab, cream cheese) [U][S]   $8.99

•TNT (spicy tuna,albacore, jalapeno,avo, wasabi tobiko) [U][S][HS]   $10.99

•Salt lake Special (Albacore, cream cheese, jalapeno) [U][HS]   $9.99

•Heart Attack (Deep fried Anaheim pepper stuffed with Spicy. tuna) [U][S][HS]   $9.99


For Unagi Lovers 

•Dragon (Fresh water eel, avocado on top of California roll) [U]   $11.99

•Super Dragon Roll (Shrimp tempura, crab, cucumber topped with unagi, avocado, 3 color tobiko) [U]   $13.99

•Spicy Crunch Roll (Broiled eel, avocado topped with spicy crab and shrimp tempura+crunch) [U][S]   $12.99

•Catapillar(Eel+cucumber topped with avocado and masago) [U]   $12.99

•Carrribean Roll (Eel+cucumber topped with mango and masago) [U]   $12.99

•Unagi Roll (Unagi+Avocado+cucumber) [U]   $ 8.99


Everybody’s Favorite

•Rainbow (California topped w/assorted fish and avocado) [P]   $10.99

•Three Stars (Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, cucumber and avocado)   $9.99

•Volcano                                                                               $14.99

(tuna,salmon,avo, cream chz (baked w/sp. Mayo) and  topped with mount of crab salad, tobiko) [U][S]

•Saigon (albacoretempura ,jalapeno,cucumber,cillantro,Avo.)[U][HS]          $9.99

•Grand Canyon(shrimp temp.,Avo. Crab topped w/baked spicy scallop and masago) [U][S] $14.99

•Chunk Roll[HS]                                                                                  $12.99

choice of tuna,salmon,Hamachi,octopus or albacore on the top of the California roll &choice of spicy or mild sauce

•TripleShrimp (Temp. shrimp+crab+Avo. topped w/boiled shrimp(Ebi)+spicy crab) [U][S]   $12.99

NewTripleShrimp (Temp. shrimp+spicy shrimp topped w/boiled shrimp(Ebi)+lemon) [L]  $13.99

•Shrimp on Shrimp(spicyshrimp,cucumber topped w/ lemon, Ebi(shrimp)[L]      $11.99

•Candy (tempura shrimp,sp crab topped w/avocado +masago)[U]                     $12.99

•Akasaka (riceless-Tuna,salmon,crab, avo, cilantro wrapped in rice paper +blk. Tobiko)[L]       $11.99

•Calamari Tempura*(calamari tempura, gobo and avocado) [U][S]                  $   9.99

•Swiss (Sp. Yellowtail,cucumber,Avo topped with yellowtail and blk.tobiko ) [U][S]   $11.99

•Sexy Roll- riceless(Tuna,Salmon,whitefish,crabmeat,Avocado wrapped in cucumber)[P][S]  $11.99

•Spider Roll*(Deep fried soft shell crab,crab,cucumber+Avo,gobo)[U]             $10.99

•Crunch*(Shrimp tempura+ vegetabletempura+Crunch)[U]                                           $9.99

•CrazyRoll (Baked Cali roll withred snapper on top)[U][S]                                         $11.99

•Tropicana* (Temp. Shrimp+crab+Avo topped with mango+Kiwi)[U][HS]         $13.99

•Sakura  (Temp. Shrimp+crab+Avo topped with mango+spicytuna+masago)[U][HS]  $12.99

*Thoroughly cooked –Thoroughly cooked foods of animal origin such as beef, eggs, fish, lamb, pork, poultry or shellfish reduces the risk of food-borne illness.  Consult your physician or public health official for further information

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