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Akasaka Specials Deal

Simple but Fresh and Delicious

California*                     $4.99

(Crab, cucumber, avocado)

Cucumber/Avocado      $4.99

Mango roll*[U]              $7.99

(California topped with mango)

Vegetable                      $5.99


Utah roll                         $6.99


Alaska roll                     $6.99

(Salmon,crab, avocado,cucumber,masago)

Seattle Crunch roll        $7.99

(Spicy salmon,cucumber,crunch,masago,Gr.onion)

Fire Cracker roll  U][HS]  $7.99

(Spicy tuna,avocado,jalapeno,crunch)

Futomaki*                     $7.99


Spicy Tako*                    $7.99

(Octopus, scallion, cucumber masago)

Spicy Scallop                 $7.99

(Spicy scallop, scallion, avocado, masago)

Negi Hama                    $5.99

(Yellowtail, scallion, masago)

Texas roll                       $7.99

(Spicy Hamachi, ebi, Gr.onion)

Tempura Crab roll* [U][S]   $8.99

(tempura crab,cucumber,avocado)

Fujisanroll            $8.99

(Sp.salmon,Sp.hamachi, avocado, tobiko)

Gokudo roll          $7.99

(Mackerel, Gr.onion, ginger)

*Thoroughly cooked


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