By 2g1c2 girls 1 cup

Sushi & Sashimi Dinner

(Served with soup and salad) 

Sashimi Plate small(15 pcs.)- soup, salad                     $19.95

Sashimi Plate Large(25 pcs.)- soup, salad                    $34.95

Sushi Combo– soup, salad                                               $15.95

California roll + 6pc sushi

Sushi Combo Deluxe- soup, salad                                $21.95

Your favorite roll and 6pc sushi                     

Sushi Sashimi Combo–soup, salad                               $23.95

California, 6pc sushi, and 6pc sashimi

Maki Combo– soup ,salad                                                $13.95

California roll  Sp. tuna, salmon Roll

Chirashi Sushi– soup, salad                                           $16.95

12 pc sliced sashimi on a bed of rice

Unagi Don*– soup, salad                                                 $13.95

Grilled eel-8pc on a bed of rice

Spicy Tuna Don  -soup, salad                                            $13.95

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